Churches need cozy corporate spaces

As a general rule, churches are places that lack good design. It is a cross between thrift shop and late 70s corporate design. In most cases, it lacks being cozy. Yet if you ask people one thing that they want in their religious organizations, they want a place that they can feel comfortable. Now this is the challenge: how do you take a space that has a corporate function and make it feel cozy. 

As I looked at these photos at Airbnb office in Portland, I wished that more churches could take inspiration from this interior design. Look at the photos to see what I mean. 

Notice the color palette is bright and white. The designer broke the big space into smaller spaces, but the designer keeps the feel of openness by using bright colors. 

I love how they named their rooms in unconventional manners.  I think this is better than using names of people for these rooms or spaces. Fifty years or so, these names will be forgotten and we would not be able to pass on the stories of these names to the next generation. 

I like how they bring in natural objects of wood, cotton, metal and natural rope to the environment. I feel that every church should have a presenters loft. Figurehead??? 

photos via via Fubiz, images by Jeremy Bittermann